Sad, not Happy Frog ! Need advice

In the RO watering with Calcium 96 and 1/2 dose of Fish s$&t, the PPMs were at 445, but I had to drop the PH with PH down because based on the dosage suggestion of Calcium 96, it brought my PH to 8.4, so I brought it down to 7.25 before my watering that increased my runoff from 5.2 to 6.0. Not sure if I should have dropped my ph after adding the Calcium 96??

pH Up & Down should be the last thing you add to your nute mix. If you use silica, then that should be first, let sit for 15 minutes then add the other nutes. The 445 ppm is perfect for getting your water to hold the pH. On the right path.

I would wait now and see how they respond. If the girl in the back right is still looking pale in the coming days, based on pH out and ppms in your run off might need to give just that girl some extra N but I say wait and see first. Too many corrective actions at once can sometimes cause more problems.

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Your runoff ppm is pretty meaningless, water is a solvent more to some single ionic elements than others and so what more happens is the water takes more of the acidic elements rather than the alkaline probably nitrogen and more easily absorbed elements which generally are more acidic.

Would you get a lab report of the runoff to see what actually washed out? Could be the nitrogen probably not really something that’s going to be representative of the soil.

A little late answering this but yes I would add another dose of cal 96 using their recommendation on the bag. I recommend baby steps rather than an all at once correction so you don’t shock the system with a real large increase at one time. I did a couple applications of cal96 when watering but also found out a couple things.

  1. While it does act pretty quickly in raising the PH it will take some time for it to show it’s true increases buffering the soil so after my second use it still needed to be raised up more but I decided to hold off with another application and after about a week it went up further getting me to where I wanted it to be. Again it acts fast but it also will work raising PH more over time.
  2. using Mulders chart on advice from @Budbrother i also found that with the added calcium that I also needed to up the phosphorus and I used build a bloom in solution in a waterings as well as some epsom salt (magnesium) the amount depends on how much of the cal96 used earlier. A recommended ratio of calcium to magnesium is around 6:1 or 7:1

I do not/did not check run off numbers but instead use a soil PH probe to check things.
I also was resetting 3 old 45 gallon pots for another run that needed to raise the PH up and overshot them using cal96 with PH getting up to around 7.1 and used some organic soybean meal top dressed to lower the PH and they are now between 6.9 to 6.5.

As a side note if your looking to re amend previously used pots without dumping them out you’ll want to make sure their moisture content is reasonable as a dry soil will read higher PH versus one that is wet when using a soil PH meter.

A healthy soil tends to have various zones where PH differs based on moisture and depth when checking it. I’ve seen this countless times over the years as a living soil and its critters tend to know best how to make things work out even when one’s run off isn’t showing the optimal numbers.

Hope this helps.