Royal dwarfs 4 weeks in flower

Hey guys can’t believe my luck tho my plants overall colour isn’t great this is the main cola at 4 weeks in to flower

Got nice looking sugar leaves


Looks fine to me. Have pics of the full plant for us to look at if you are concerned about something?


Here ya go guys I know I have issues not phing etc and lack of nutrients coz the organic I used last time are rubbish but now have two pH pens and Canna nutes booster etc

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Got these for free from a friend and he has plenty more if I need a top up lol

Are you measuring PPM? They look hungry, but I wouldn’t feed blindly and would check PPM first. Also suggest bigger pots for your plant. Bigger pots (more soil, greater root mass) will help buffer PPM and pH.

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More soil on route not doing ppm just going by what friend said he did and said he had no issues

I’d have your friend come over and take a look then. The plant on the right looks starved and what is yellow will eventually be dead. Your fan leaves feed your buds and there won’t be many left at this rate. You are several weeks from harvest and will start hobbling there if you don’t correct this issue soon.
Now that would suck since your buds are just starting to look pretty.
Good luck and happy growing

Bigitch read my previous comment regarding nutrients bro they had a very first feed today

Well just 1 week of booster and feed and it’s safe to say she’s starting to swell nicely