Round three; No till grow

So I haven’t been as interactive on here lately. Trying to shed the training wheels and get this hobby down better so I figured I’d run solo for this grow. Started a no till grow right after I finished my last one. I used the same pots and soil for this grow. One Amnesia Haze and one White Widow. I cut the root ball out of the pots and transplanted my seedlings into the pots. One pot has FFOF and the other is Kind soil with FFOF. I did run into some issues initially with leaves getting yellow and kind of papery. Came to the conclusion it was over watering, not giving enough time for pots to fully dry out. I seem to have everything under control now for the most part. Both plants are getting Prescription Blend nutrients. I don’t know but is it possible for the plant to cause soil PH issues? My AH soil PH is running a bit high at 7.5 runoff with 6.2 going in. My first AH was kind of the same having high runoff PH. The White Widow is doing very well and all PH/PPM numbers are in line. Going to give the AH a flush next watering to try and get PH in line. Here’s some pics.
Once again thanks to all the good people on here willing to share their knowledge with us new growers.

White Widow

Amnesia Haze

Group shot