Round three! Indoor run

It’s an addiction all by itself ain’t it?

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Just wait until you start buying and swapping seeds! Another addiction.


No more addictions please!!!

@Fieldofdreams @Graysin @JaneQP @Fatz1973 @GreggT

Weekend update.
Breakdown by strain…
SFV og is looking to finish ahead of the rest. This week saw red hair and chubby sacs forming.

Tahoe looking good and on pace to finish same as wedding cake


Wedding cake looks sweet…real sweet!

I’ll drop some more in a week :smiley::call_me_hand:t4:


That is most impressive. If my plants looked as well as that there wouldn’t be enough space in the entire cloud to hold my photographs. People all over the world would get a message on their phone that they had reached their maximum photo capacity at the same time. Incredible grow. Each strain is perfectly healthy. You can see the differences in each strain’s plant structure. I’m cuckoo for Wedding Cake :crazy_face::crazy_face:


This week I had four friends come by just to see the girls. I was a proud papa each time​:smiley::smiley:

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@Prock Yes I can imagine. That’s like introducing your daughters as having just graduated med school yesterday and will be performing transplant surgery tomorrow.

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Looking stellar my friend!! I would still be floating in the clouds!:call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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You should try breeding for seeds. :joy:

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Yep - you will soon be reeled in hook, line, and sinker!

Gonna have to wait for retirement…my time is limited with work and life. The growing inside is fun and rewarding. The ease of buying the ready clones or ilgm seeds will be my route for a bit.
When I do have the time, I will definitely get more into it!!

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Well for a part timer you sure Grow like a Pro!!! :grin::joy:

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Thank you!
I have a hand full of outdoor runs under my belt from years ago. I love gardening. I have loaded my yard with fruit trees and have my planter boxes. Find growing anything very rewarding…love sharing my fruit!

My indoor success has a lot of thanks to you guys here at ilgm. I got a few tips from a local but he uses different medium and won’t reveal his nutritional guide complete.

I left his tips and went to soil after researching the options. Looking for easier success and less God playing.

Ilgm gang in general seemed to like fox farms products so I use ocean blend as my base last two runs. I like it.
The rest I read on here regarding ph and when I had any issues on my last two runs.

My biggest takeaway from these three runs are:

Don’t push the nutrients too hard with soil.

I only used cal mag and silica blast on veg part.
Slow to add and ramp up on bud phase. I’m at about 60% of recommendation on most now.

The art of observation.

If the plant looks happy, it is, steady as she goes no big changes.
Any bump in nute or change be on top of the observation for the coming days.

Water on a schedule.

Not sure if it is a big deal but I have the water/nute program set at sameish time every other day. I have had to do a few off schedule when the uptake got higher but for most part I try to get them on a routine.

Keep It Stupid Simple.

Less is more in my world. I try not to over complicate the process and I’m not very technical about ppm outgoing ph or any of that.
Do my ph going in and watch my girls.

Thanks ilgm crew for all the great info cuz this is a great resource when your girls are not happy!!



@Prock I am currently in the midst of reading this.

Come spring I will be cooking my Organics and come July when cultivation becomes legal I will be ready for a TLO grow. I’m sure your gardens are magnificent by the looks of your grow room.


Weekend update!
Happy holidays to all!!
@Fatz1973 @Fieldofdreams @GreggT @Graysin @JaneQP
Another happy week. Cold nights but heater kept thing around 70.
Frosty morning surfing….burr! Know I’m a puss compared to the weather others endure but I am what I am!

Pics by strain. Scope shots of each too!


Wedding cake

So the plan is to give them all till around new years. Make final judgment as is gets close.
The SFV looks like it could go at any time so I may chop it by or before new years based on this week’s progress.
Think the Tahoe and wc could easily go a bit past the first but I will take day by day.
I’ll switch to water only after tomorrows feed on sfv but prolly feed the others a couple more times.

Happy growing!!


Man they look good!! I’m with you, these SLH are about to go lights out I think!!

@pr surfs cold too, you both probably got the shrinkage on da package lol!!


Looking yummy!!

Inversion is maximum shrinkage. Found in 50 or below water below 40 air. Offshore wind chill.
Max inversion! Full stoke!

Christmas party with the locals today at my spot. Gonna screw a tree to the highway rail and party and surf w my Santa hat!


Looking good buddy!!!


Wow! Youre bucking for a back to back BOM. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@Prock you have definitely done a fine job with those ladies. I would be giggling in anticipation of that first toke off of the choicest bud.
Lovely lllllllllllllllovely…….
Surf Surf Slam Slam!!!

If amber’s the goal, I think you’re dead on. A couple of weeks and they’ll be ripe to my liking just about exactly.