Rough guesstimate on time remaining

Curious on a rough time frame on these. Don’t they need to be flushed a few days prior too harvest?

Pics of the full plant will generate more/better responses.


Today is 82 days since they popped heads out of the soil. Banana kush auto’s

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How long have they been in flower?

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

They have been in flower roughly 8 weeks. I posted a question on Aug 11th asking if what I was looking at was a bud site and I got a reply in the affirmative.

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Nice looking plant. She’s getting close.

Thanks! Is there supposed to be a flush and no feed within a few days of harvest time? That’s what I am trying to figure out when the plant is going to be ready for that.

What medium did you grow them in? If you did an organic soil grow without liquid nutes there is no need to flush.

I usually stop feeding my plants a week or 2 before harvest. Some will do a flush, and some keep on feeding until harvest. Most of the folks around here do a flush or some sort before harvest. Whether it is to stop feeding before harvest or doing a one-and-done flush is up to you.

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Then you’re real close. Keep an eye on the trichomes on the buds (not the sugar leaves). What you’re looking for is mostly cloudy with amber just starting to make a showing.

If you read the BOM hall of fame thread one of the recommendations is to feed all the way to the end. The argument for flushing is a smoother smoke and more color in the leaves. But not flushing has made hall of famers ( meaning they won BOM 3 times and are retired)

Thanks everyone! No BOM material here but just to make it easier for me I guess I will keep feeding to the end. @IslandGrown76 , they were grown in soil. FFOF and they’re trio line for the most part although I dropped the trio line a couple of weeks ago and switched over to bergmans nute line.