Rosineer - any good?

I have the pv1 press from Rosineer
Its a pneumatic press that im using
@Hogmaster has a mv1 it a manual press
And @BrayneGrohas the mv2 model its also a manual press
I will prepress my trim or popcirn buds and flower actually kief whatever i prepress everything

Kief puck

just fir a visual


So your basically squeezing the resins from the plant . And I assume a manual press you have a screw type apparatus to do the pressing. Hmmm and both presses have heat going to the pads too???

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There are many styles of presses and vary in cost
A hydraulic press is best cause of pressure but they get costly
Heat and pressure extracts the rosin
Then you can choose how to smoke it i use a kind pen electronic wax pen
And have a dab rig as well

Yeah i just collect it all up with my dab tool, then heat it up enough to where the oil will just slide off, fold the parchment paper over and press it out with my fingers. I actually wish i had a flat iron for this purpose.


Do you get these presses at the grow store or elsewhere


Cool bro I need to try that what temp you doing at and for how long
Does it change the eosin at all?
I found nothing is the same every time
I need to dial in every batch i press ?

Nah man it doesn’t seem to change it at all. I actually just use my torch to heat up my tool and when i spread it out I’m using my fingers but if I was to use a flat iron i would probably do it at like 150 f.

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Just Google rosin press or look at them on Amazon to get an idea.

So this is just something I thought i should mention. I took a dab after putting my oil in the little silicone containers that mr bob lee will send you after sending him a review of the rosin press and it tasted pretty weird/ gross. Anyway, I smelled my containers to see if that was the reason why and they smelled strongly like new shoes or something similar. Idk if anyone else had this issue but what i did to eliminate the smell was boiled my oil containers, including the slick, for about 15 minutes stirring every minute or so and they came out smelling clean.


I have never had that issue @BrayneGro ? Strange maybe BoB Lee is storing the dab kits in his shoe :mans_shoe: closet hahaha
@Hogmaster you experience this issue with your kit ?

Sounds great, must remember to order a shoe flavored dab kit when I get my press


You can buy them directly frim mfg
On Amazon most decent grow shops will carry them as well ( rosin presses)
When i did my research i found the Rosineer to be priced right for the home consumer
Ive been using mine for a while now and simply love it
Mine seems to press best with 2-3 grams per press

Ive had it about a week so its still fairly new but Idk it was a pretty strong smell. I didnt like my rosin smelling like plastic/ rubber.

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Rosin press experiments. Or shenanigans. However you want to look at it. Pressing out a small amount of leaves after drying them for maybe a couple of hours on cardboard. Purple leaves that is. Will talk more about this tomorrow on podcast.


Pulled the trigger (or, possibly handle in this case) on an MV2


@DVM Let me know how you like it, it’s sitting in my Amazon wish list lol

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Very cool @DVM
I have the pneumatic pv1
Your goingvyo love it
@BrayneGro very cool purple rosin

I’m expecting quite a few popcorn buds and some sugar leaves this grow plus I love me some rosin so this seemed like a no-brainer. Are guys using bags when you press your product?


Will do, pics and a report to follow

I only use bags if pressing kief @DVM
Flower i just press into a puck then put that in rosin press