Roots exposed my 1st

Hi a first for me . Are these roots going to be a problem. The plants are in there 1st week of flower and by the seed bank another 10. Thanks Peace Out

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What size pot is it in

Naw. You’ll be fine.
They’ll air prune themselves like a cloth pot.

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1 sf2000 @200 watts
2 philzon @230 watts
3x2x5 tent
Fox Farm ocean forest
Black gold for seedling
3 gal pot holes in sides and bottom
RH 40-60
Temp 70-80trio
Feeding with FF trio with molasses
calmag and a little flower fuel
Light at 16 inches above canopy
growing Amnesia haze, Acopulco Gold and Bubble gum

The only thing i would have to say is lift the pot up so its not sitting in run off ,not unless ur bottom feeding than leave it


Got it. I do have it up a 1/2 inch I can always raise it . Thanks @Aussie_autos

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@Oldguy Some say to lift the pot. But you think they would be alright in runoff. Wont they grow more.

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@Bud_Wizer The run off can become toxic to the roots.
All the waste /excess salts that you just rinsed out of the soil , the roots are now sitting in or wicking back up into the pots.

I water to 10 to 20 % run off each time I water or feed. And I use salt based nutes.
Helps keep the root zone cleaner imho.
I’ve got mine about an inch off the bottom and use a shop vac to pull it out of my trays as they drip thru.
I just toss the runoff in my flower beds.
They like it. :grin: