Rootbound maybe?

So I’m trying to like potforpot…could rootbound be an excuse?

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About 60 days in. Watered with distilled only. Never any runoff. Is it too late to put up? @Covertgrower

What size P4P? There’s a good chance she’s starving for nutrients.

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You’re a little far to pot up at this point. She’s showing some deficiencies, but you’re almost to the finish line at this point.
She looks pretty good considering no nutrients all along.


2gal…she is starving. Progressively gotten worse the last 7days

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Mostly disappointed in the yield of these. Unless they fatten up quite a bit in the next 3weeks I dont see more than an ounce off two plants

That’s all a result of the small kit not being able to provide enough nutrients. If you’d caught it a little sooner, you could’ve added some, but it looks like she’s almost done. Probably just have to ride it out.

Well… Maybe not all, but vast majority…


Yeah I let them know about themselves too and what I thought about them. Highly misleading for a beginner grower and supposedly that’s who they are designed for. Complete rip off

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That’s typical of growing. You get some winners, and some ok plants. I had a plant that just didn’t really produce. On to the next.

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Yea 2 gallons is pretty dang small for even autoflowers (personally I don’t think they should even market anything smaller then 3 gallons and 4 gallons is perfect) but I’m getting that same deficiency next to my new brown pistils they’re definitely getting sucked dry but I can’t figure out the deficiency either

Pistils turn brown after a certain age.