Root length of baby White Widow Autos

FYI - I am germinating, and, as always, things are in flux. I was going to use all 1 gallon containers to utilize all my small space. 24 hours after they broke ground, I decided to put three in larger fabric containers, and leave two in 1 gallon pots. Experiment, experiment, experiment!! The tap roots were all about 4 inches long. Straight down, pointing to the center of the Earth. It is my contention that this is due to gravity. the plant sensing gravity. At any rate, I think that that length of root on a plant 3-4 cm tall, after 24 hours, is simply amazing. Somewhere I read an article of Robert’s (sweet jesus, has that guy written/published a lot!!) that it is best with Autos to go 24/0 for four weeks, and then down to 20/4. Having no reason to doubt him on this point, this is what I am doing.

Newbies - don’t fear failure. Failure means you are ‘in the game’. Every one on this planet learns by trying, failing, figuring out what went wrong, and getting back up on the saddle again. You can buy everything you need to grow, except experience. This you must do for yourself.


Thanks for sharing Jodie. And yes, just do it! Just do it! Just start growing. You’ll learn along the way.