Root Lenght Question

Hey, Gang, I’m have a hard time digging up the following info, although I know it must be common knowledge to many.
Is there a ‘rule of thumb’ that one may use to know approx how deep an unrestricted, unfettered tap root will be given the height of the plant? I am well aware that nearly every growing parameter could potentially affect an actual data point. I’m thinking of raising row crops as a kid in Iowa. Every old fsrmer could tell you such a ratio for field corn, or soybeans.

The size and shape of cannabis root systems vary greatly. Some plants(some sativas) send out a tap root up to about a meter or about three feet deep. However most plants only produce a poor tap root which is rarely longer than about one foot deep. Most of the roots will grow laterally and near the surface, as cannabis roots love the air and oxygen. Often even very large plants will have very small delicate root systems. The only cannabis plants I’ve seen with huge root systems are grown in huge deep water culture reservoirs and as the roots grow unsupported in a well aerated volume of water, the root mass tends to be just a big tangled ball equivalent to the size of the container it was growing in, say maybe the size of a basketball when grown in a standard 5 gallon deep water culture bucket. The reason you have had such a hard time finding any information is even in cannabis botany studies, there have been very little consistency in any pattern or size of root systems.


 I think we have yet to be introduced, but I like the way you write (i.e. clearly and directly) and that you are, quite obviously, knowledgeable.  Thanks, Bro!  



Thanks Jodie.