Root Bound flushing

Not sure where to post this question so I just placed it here. My plants are in 7 gal. fabric pots and the growth has been so well, I have a root bound problem as water will not drain through fast at all.

I’m currently worried about root rot so I have to dry them out completely.

Question, how do I flush it if it doesn’t go through??

I am a rookie so take this for what it is worth. But if I absolutely “needed” to flush and could not get water to pass through the soil due to soil compaction… I would submerse the pot in Ph’ed water for a while…
in a pot that size, soil compaction is more likely the culprit rather than being root bound…unless the plant is HUGE…if it is soil compaction…remember next time to add more perlite to your planting mix.


Not a rookie response at all. Seems legit to me. And yes, that was my plan for the next grow when using Happy Frog…more perlite. That Happy Frog with Maxi Crop seaweed truly does build the roots!! Thanks. It was an organic grow so I’m not that worried but still want to do it for good practice.

I would say that it would be impossible for your plant to be root bound in a fabric pot , those fabric pots actually air prune your roots and don’t allow the roots to circle the pot …


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