Root bound any suggestions

What happens when a plant gets Root Bound?

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You’ll water more frequently, sometimes twice a day. Ph swings, and nutrient deficiencies can show, but if you’re okay with this, understand, you can let it finish that way.

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Growing outside can be so rewarding, lots of big girls being shown off these days.

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Nice plants look happy !

What makes you think she is root bound?

I have several like that too. I had to move them to day for PG&E doing tree trimming, hid them in our garage, I picked up one of the girls by the stalk and the whole plant came out its all roots no soil. have about 6 of them like that. one thing I noticed is the fabric pots dont get root bound like that. I have 15 gall pots

I’m confused, the pot you show is a fabric pot? And its root bound or are they in plastic?