Rookie scrog Chronic Widow


I ordered some of these bad girls but gonna grow inside. Never scrogged so please keep me updated.

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That is one plant, she is 14 inches tall by 3.5 feet long as of right now. I am using Alaska fish.0-10-10 every 3 weeks. Then miracle gro 24-8-16 every 10 days. She reeks a super strong mj scent. Will stop miracle gro when she starts to flower, switch to some kind of good bloom. Stop all nutrients about a month from harvest.

Hi @maximusindica , I like how you used lattes ,can you tell me how it’s staying down ? I’m a newbie and am growing outside but in Pots , I’m very interested in doing my next grow outside , hope you don’t mind if I follow your grow , I’m learning so much from reading!!