Rockwool-gave too much nutrients

From a fellow grower: I sprouted 4 Bruce Banner Auto seeds, two were accidentally planted upside down in their Rockwool cubes, I had to assist them because the cotyledons were confused and pointing down into the Rockwool. I kept the medium moist but not saturated, then transplanted into my grow tent.

Im growing in DWC with hydro-ton under LED, 80’ F, 30% RH…I added 1/4 strength nutrient solution to the buckets and accidentally oversaturated the Rockwool cubes, two plants have yellow leaves so I drained the Rockwool, then I made an environmental adjustment with the airpump and tripped my GFI causing an interruption in light (~5 seconds). Im now at 4 days to germinate and 8 days in the grow tent, all seedlings are still very small, with one set of single finger leaves, will they die

RH way to low ,
get the RH up to match temp


RH needs to increase, also if you placed them directly into your DWC I would suggest getting seedling fertilizer for the first week of growth. This will help them by not introducing them to a “hot mix” of fertilizer. I’ve lost several seedling from starting them in a heavily nuted environment.(ie. 1/8-1/4 dosage of normal recommended by manufacturers)

If you do use a seedling fertilizer, follow recommendations for dosage rates.