Road to Recovery

Hello i just want to think the forum family for helping me save my girls everything they told me to do with saving the girls from fungus gnats infestation worked thanks so much. Respect !


I love the tight nodal spacing. what lamp are you using? I am sure the members would love to know.

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Not sure if i fully understand what that means but thanks :joy:. I am using spider farmer 4000 i have 2 of them in a 4x8


Keep up the good work looking awesome !

That is the beauty of this community! Keep up the good work on those girls and you’ll be swimming in buds soon!


Awesome to know the community helped you, that’s what this is all about. Happy growing! :seedling:


When @latewood said tight nodal spacing he is referring to the distance between one node to the next. That is where the stem of a leaf meets the branch it is growing out of. The space is also referred to as the internode. A short distance means the plant is not stretching for light. Your SF4000 is providing enough light to avoid stretching.
Plants looks healthy and strong