RO water from the laundry dryer?

I was wondering… My laundry dryer gives me like 3 liter of water per cycle. This should be distilled water as the thing works with hot air and not centrifugal force…
Im hesitant because there might still be some detergent in it…
Has anyone tried that water for watering their plants? What about the water from dehumidifiers?

Water from dehumidifier, yes, it’s distilled…but water from a dryer??? What dryer has a drain on it?? I’ve never in my 43 years of living seen a dryer put out water…however, I would not use that at all

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How high were ya when you came up with this ? :joy::joy::joy:

It’s always the same baseline…
some would consider it very high…

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You haven’t seen much then :wink:

My laundry dryer does have a box I have to empty every cycle

I have a washing machine with centrifugal, once this is finished it goes into the dryer, it looks like a washing machine but only blows hot air trough the clothes while turning. When finished i can double the clothes and put them away they’re completely dry.

I’m pretty sure it is distilled water too…

The contents of that water would concern me. Detergent wouldn’t be my go to when adding water into the system

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Its a condenser dryer warm air drys the cloths and the moisture from the warm air collects in the container very common in england

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You don’t use detergent then?

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In the washer yeh but it’s evaporated water from condensation and when i tested ec it comes up zero which would lead me to think that it would be ok to use iam no expert and could b wrong


Test it out on some clones or a plant that doesn’t matter much and see how it goes. Like I always say “there’s only one way to know for sure” and that’s by doing it!!


Test it out… he said…
there is only one way… he said
try it on one that doesn`t matter… he said

I just sipped some…

there is definetly still some detergent in it… at least it has a strong smell and taste like detergent flowers… not the usual soapiness… but the smell and flavour… won`t be giving them this water… maybe at some point i might have an experiment,it would propably more be on the smell and taste side than anything.
I have a couple of “holy punch” solo cups maybe I will sacrifice one and grow some “Misses Propper”

Thats strange the water from mine has no taste or smell