Revegging a Mother Plant

I had a nice 5 ounce harvest off this Cotton Candy clone, growing outside. I followed the advice here and other places and took the top two thirds of the plant and trimmed the bottom third into the small plant you see in the photo. It’s come inside so I can give it more hours of light. It’s on 18/6 under 100 true watts of CFL. Lux is up around 20,000 so it’s in the range for vegetation. It’s in potting soil with time release nutrients, so it’s NOT getting burned by Nitrogen. (It’s always been in this same soil.)

So why are all the leaves curled under, severely? Could I be over-watering now, since the plant is transpiring so much less? The top of the soil feels really dry, but it has a LOT of roots down in the bottom of the 10 gallon pot. Might be too wet down there?


@1BigFella not sure, but it seems to me that its too close to the light. That, I believe, is why the leaves are curling under. Or could have given it too much water… But I am still a newbie here, so will link a couple of the xperts here to help ya.
@bob31 @MacGyverStoner Good luck on your plant. I was thinking about doing that to one of mine.

I think your root idea may have merit. You are not dealing with a new, rooting plant - but now she doesn’t need but like 5-10% of what she did.
I’m a newbie as well, but I think while she’s small and already as shocked as she’s gonna get, I would re-pot. Even if it is just putting her back in the same pot, dirt, etc. Break everything up and make sure the soil is aerated.

@1BigFella my guess is it will look worse before it gets better just like a clone give her a few days to recover from the harvest that is stress full
treat her like a adult also water her till you see new growth you make even want to light dose some veg nutes
Did you repot her or is it the old soil ?
If it’s the old soil I would think most of the time release is used up :+1:?

I have not watered for two days and I don’t see any leaf droop, so maybe the overwatering theory is right. It’s Miracle Grow potting soil (I stared before I found this place) and it said the nutes should be good for 6 months. And the plant was doing fine before I hacked it to bits, so I think it has some vegetative nutes still. It really hardly needs any at this point.

Have not repotted and it’s already in a 10 gallon pot. I don’t really want to stress it more by screwing with the roots right now. When it starts to grow again, I may cut the rootball down to fit in a smaller cloth pot.

All of those growing tips were little buds, but now they don’t seem to have any flowers anymore. Just little green leaves, so maybe this is working.