Reveg Bud formation

Gelato Cake Feminized grown inside two months , taken outside Late May . She ‘s in revegetation , but this bud formation scares me , could this be a Herm or worst turning male ?


Appears to be just funky reveg growth that I can see.
Not seeing any signs of hermie s or male parts in ur pics.
You’ll prob have to trim out some of that stuff later when it does go back to flower.
Could end up with mold issues as a result where it’ll be pretty thick and won’t allow proper air flow thru the plant.


Definitely want to keep things trimmed, to allow for good airflow. Outside is most vulnerable.


Recently had a lot of rain , I noticed some soft brown area, I sprayed with peroxide on that area .

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Wouldn’t hurt to give the whole plant a spray.
50/50 peroxide and water.
The spores travel quick so keep an eye out for any more brownish spots showing up.

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I would clean her out a bit myself. She is thick. Looking good.


Looks like a normal revenge to me. It should stabilize in a month or 2 and then cut away all the female flowers.