Resizing pictures?

I haven’t bn able up load any of my recent pics because they need resizing but I don’t know how to do that.
Can anyone give me the heads up on this plz?

It should be in your options are setting in photo.

There are many ways to resize pictures. If you have many pictures at once, heres a fast method:

Everything I do is on my phone.
I don’t have a computer.

Most smartphones have photo editors
I would refer to your owners manual…

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Yeah it does have edit but no resizing :frowning:

I have found that I can change the settings b4 taking a pic …but nothing to change what has already bn taken.
So I will have to just take new pics :frowning:

I have to send the pic to messenger then back to laptop then I can post on the site


Your a fn legend @Coltfire
That worked

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Pain in butt ,but only way I can do it , I can’t upload from phone as don’t have that option ,if I log out and back in some times ,its back there for a little while

Normally I don’t have a problem…just when I zoom in on a pic or crop it, then that’s when it tells me it’s to big n resize it…but the pics I took this morning all kept saying they needed resizing.
All good now…thanks mate! :+1:


Glad you got that taken care. :ooking forwa rd to some good looking ladies lol