Resin from pipe safe to use

Hello all
i have been making my own cannabis oil for my COPD and was wanting to know the resin that you clean from a pipe what can it be used for? is it ok to also ingest like i do with the oil?


its Gunk…tars and carbon monoxide crap and it will pollute any oils you add it to ,basically its bad, although at a pinch it makes an interesting morning smoke if you re-burn it in a pipe / bong etc

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I have no idea. I bet it wouldn’t taste good but it shouldnt be to dangerous. If you can smoke it then u can probably eat it or whatever

I have a end of the world tar ball that my wife adds to every 3 days… she smokes like a 3 alarm fire…
No harm in smoking resen… it’s just thc oil… won’t hurt you… :wink:


Smoking it will give you a buzz. Never tried eating it, but it should be fine. My brother used to call it the “Black Death”, so maybe leave it alone unless it’s the end of times.

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thank you all for your replies, might be best not to chance it

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? I think ur fine to consume it. I just think itll taste like burnt goblin from mordor


more like re-fried goblin…:japanese_goblin:


Wise men say


i put my oil in capsules so i would do the same on this so shouldn’t be any taste hopefully. just thought it might be a solution for in between oil batches



I’ve been desperate enough to smoke scrapings from a bowl and pipe stem. Tastes awful, says it all. I have no idea if the combustion products are harmful but they are concentrated in this so called “resin.”

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