Reservoir help please

@peachfuzz @Myfriendis410 Hi everyone, I am in need of a 350L reservoir and don’t know where to buy a good one online, I need it for my water changes and nutrients adding ect. I live in Australia. Any help is appreciated guys.

Also a reservoir is the only thing I can think of to do easy water changes ect? My actual system reservoir is 350L hence why I’m after a seperate 350L reservoir. Thanks everyone and happy growing :sunglasses::v:

@kettle might be able to help… :+1::wink:

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@peachfuzz thanks heaps man :sunglasses::v:

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How about using an IBC? One of those 275 gallon caged totes seen everywhere. I would think they are available in Aus.


They may delete the links

ok… so is the capacity of the system 350 litres?

because if it is the volume of water in the system will not be 350litres …it will be closer to 200litres…

regardless… I do use a bucket that u could use…

220 litres… so even if your system was 350l… you just mix up 2 batches and add it… trust me u dont want a bucket bigger then that… :grinning:

problem is I don’t know where u get them… I just found one on the property we live on… but these ones would be expensive… I think they hold fertilizers… and are made of nylon… maybe not…

but I would look up 44 gallon plastic drum or the like… they do make collapsible ones… :grinning:


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Uline or McMaster Carr would be two places to look.

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Thanks heaps guys, putting all this help to work trying to find something, didn’t think it would be so hard to find something like this with the right capacity, lol. Thanks all it’s very appreciated :sunglasses::ok_hand::+1:

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We picked this tote tank up yesterday for $80. It was used to store alcohol and has a valvue already on the bottom. 275 gallons.