Requesting Advice On How To Start A Successful Grow - All Help Welcome!

Hi all. I am a beginner that has made just about every mistake in the book when it comes to growing. I was hoping to ask some of the experts here to help me formulate a strategy for success moving forward.

Background: I’m interested in growing marijuana on a slightly larger scale than most here I think. I grew a few crops that ended in complete disaster because I simply did not do the necessary research. I currently hold 60 Gorilla Glue autoflower seeds that I want to grow all at once. I have a whole house to myself and can convert a room for the purpose. I was using coco peat as a medium previously but I am now using a slow release fertiliser. I have 60 14L pots, 5 2000W LED lights and two exhaust fans. I live in Australia and do not have access to some of the amazing products many Americans have available.

Intention: I am a fairly busy person so I do not have a lot of time to spare on this project. I would like to grow a nice crop in a short time with as little intervention as possible - hence the fertiiliser over the peat, which I understand is sub-optimal.

What I primarily need help with is strategy. What training techniques, if any should I use? Should I be trimming and if so, when? How can I effectively manage a crop of 60 autoflowers? How do I use my time effectively so I don’t spend 8 hours a day tending to the crop? Is autoflower the way to go or should I have gone for a normal photoperiod plant in the first place?

I’m totally open to advice, though I believe I will have to remain firm on the fertiliser and the bigger-than-usual crop. Thanks in advance!

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Usually time release fertilizers aren’t good for growing marijuana.
What’s the brand and what’s the tag show for ingredients so people experienced in it can help or advise you in the correct direction.

Thanks for the response!

I am currently running an experiment on 4 different fertilisers.


  2. Scotts Osmocote Plus Organics 25L Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Premium Planting Mix - Bunnings Australia



What I’m most interested in is if I should go SOG or SCROG?

Man I’m not sure. But 60 plants? You going to be busier than a 1 legged man in an arse kicking contest. Especially using scrog method. You could fill a bedroom with just 4 plants

I would not be scrogging autos, just let them grow natural like. I’d be concerned that your lights may not be enough to handle 60 plants (doubt those led lights are anywhere close to 2000 real watts). And if you’ve never grown a plant to a successful harvest before, might try small scale before going big or you could be wasting seeds and money. Slow release fertilizer is a sure way to fail.

Thanks for the advice, guys.