Representing ILGM at the Regenerative Organic Cannabis Conference

My flight round trip is 334.00 and rooms are 85 a night. where were you looking?

Flight is 365 round trip then 300 for the tickets for the weekend pass rental car said 250 with fees and hotel 110 x3 night 330 plus food and what ever else

And im sure I’ll spend 300 while at the show

We can probably take care of your ride from Detroit Airport to Ann Arbor. We can help you get around. No car needed.

We are all sharing and giving to make this happen.

Food can be inexpensive. There are food trucks for lunch. Maybe 10 bucks. We are going to a BBQ one night. Minimal cost. You will have an opportunity to talk face to face with the speakers.

The breeder’s panel and seed swap alone is worth…well…err…priceless.

We got your ride. lw


Ok went to Travelocity and got hotel flight and car for 637 dollars and hotel at Whitmore lake
Can ilgm get a discount on the 3 day pass ?

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Sorry i meant can ilgm members get a discount on the 3 day pass?
Do i need to buy them now or cash at the door?

Josh who is the event owner is very sick. I am not sure if I can get a discount or not. This is not an ILGM event.

As far as when to buy tickets…I think you can buy anytime. I am continuing to attempt to contact Josh and I will pass info on to you asap.

It is going to be a blast.

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Okay thanks I’ll buy them next Friday the trip ate my paycheck I just wanted to make sure I could get tickets. Thanks for the information on every thing to

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Is there any thing i need to bring in particular besides a notebook and pen.

She’s awesome. I’ve heard a couple different interviews and podcasts with her, and she is so on top of everything to do with bugs; it’s amazing.

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Just to let you know. We moved from Best Western to Holiday Inn Express South. It is also on Whitmore Lake rod. Much nicer place, free buffet breakfast. Nicer all around. I hope you can change you reservations. I know they allow you to cancel for free.

You can bring cameras and recording devices. This conference is being filmed by a pro film crew, and Steve (Potent Ponics) is live streaming the whole thing for the conference.

We will be at the Motel sometime Thursday early evening, Let me know if you need any more info. :slight_smile:


That’s where I am staying at

Sorry i am at the best western hotel i can’t change it and its non refundable

I met a lot of interesting people at the Conference, and this is one of them.

Mark from Organic Mechanics. Enjoy the video


GrowGreenMI = Largest single grow supply store in America. Owner Tony Portelli. Great guy and great host. you all would not believe how awesome Tony and his staff were providing us with a “Smokeout” room and food and beverages. The facility is 25,000sf
Enjoy the video


I was fortunate to talk Leighton and Josh into doing a quick interview to help spread the message of Regenerative organic Cannabis.
Enjoy the video love these guys, and all the members of the Regenerative Organic Cannabis group.


wooo hooo… sorry latewood, it is great to me to see someone who is as ancient as i am. it is great that you folks had a great time for the conference. i wish that i could have met you folks there. what is nice to us old foggies is that the kids are keeping on keeping on!

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5 years in April Latewood.

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Thank you @latewood for sharing…my god there’s so much to learn.


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