Repotted Saturday

Similar to Mn in some ways. Here it is 8 plants, with 4 mature. We are still waiting for dispensaries to sell flower. I am glad that they legalized growing quickly…I still jumped the gun by 4 months :rofl:
The state also is facing criticism re: licensing. It seems that a criminal record is nearly a prerequisite to be licensed, lol

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Yes. All the policy makers need to cya too! It’s progress.

Lola’s new house…

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1-1/2 days old. Got there 1st full-runoff this morning. Three fans blowing full speed on every one of them. I ain’t scared


Such lovely lil’ plants, all in their matching red cups…like piglets, being fattened for slaughter!..And why only seven, you have a space for eight? You must a lover of Prime!!!

Sorry, I am envious of the cup holder :anguished:

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Did you name them? They look happy nevertheless!

Heres a new leaf finding after the Epsom Salt etc…

Too much iron?

No, that’s normal Leaf deterioration from the original lower leaves. They’re the first to die off. It’s taking its toll

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I wanted to do nine. But common sense tells me 50% of what would be in there would be larf buds in a 4x4 on 9 (been there done that)

I decided to do 6 as it is the most controllable number even with one monster in it. However I always lose one in germination so I do one extra.

Go figure everything popped so now I’m stuck with 7

The 2L bottle crates are fantastic for Solo cups they fit perfectly in there I have about 12 of them

There is a test in this grow as well. One of the most controversial questions (ask 20 people you’ll get 20 different answers)

If my auto flower hermies, will the seeds be feminized autoflowers?

The majority says no. We’re going to find out in 5 more weeks.

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Normally I do but I simply went with the strain name on this grow

As I get attached I’ll come up with nicknames. Slut, bitch, sumbich, chicken hoe, etc

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The buds on that plant are getting more amber. Maybe it is dying because she shot her load?

Yes I believe she’s dying. If you spay bleach on the buds it will cure the illness and she will live again

Bleach cures everything

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See the difference? How do I know when its done, caput, no more?

How do you know when what’s done

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When the plant is done and the buds are dried aka harvest. They are 87 or 86 days old and in the 5th week of flower. Thats what I mean.

First, until every single white pistol has turned dark and curled back inside the bud, I don’t even think about done.

Once you have no white hair left (pistols) then you’ll need to take your microscope and check the trichomes.

Your buds have not even begin to fatten yet they’re still in the stacking stage. You have a long way to go

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Oh good! Just thought I was sitting on a Hospice Unit. I’ll move past that for the moment. I hate that microscope. Hopefully stacking goes sideways too. Well at least I hope it does. I dont know what to expect yet havent been disappointed. Ok, Ill just sit back and watch…

Good morning! Looks like Plant 1 is doing better, a little bit anyway!

And Lola is sayin, What up?!

Ok, on with the day…

I hate to tell you this Missy. That’s not Yellowing that’s Lime Green
:green_apple: vs :yellow_circle:

This makes a big difference. You have a nitrogen hog I’m assuming they eat tomorrow? We need to double up your nitrogen for 1 feed.

I’m totally out of micro grow and Bloom so I don’t have a bottle if it’s not too much trouble tell me the NPK of each

Micro = NPK
Grow = NPK
Bloom = NPK

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Give me a minute. My mouth sutures decided to bleed like a pig! Going now…

Micro 2 0 0
Grow 1 0 4
Bloom 1 3 4