Renting a Self Storage Container

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

"I have a question about indoor growing of marijuana. Im thinking of renting a self storage container and growing it in there but I will only be able to check on my plants once a week. Do you know of any methods to make an automatic small-scale irrigation system that would work on a timer and water my seedlings for say 10 seconds a day (to keep the soil moist).

I heard digital clock timer (?) work well as I want to be able to make a circuit for the water and a circuit that would keep my lights on for 10 hours a day and then automatically switch them off."

Although I can’t answer your question about irrigation I’m not sure how feasible it would be to grow in a storage locker. If it was a controlled environment storage locker maybe but if not I would think it would get pretty hot during the summer.
I personally would be Paranoid the entire grow. The smell could get strong and also the amount of electricity being used might tip off the owner of the facility.


Here you go brother t just a screen shot but look it up in Amazon happy growing get a carbon filter or they will know what your up to
I need to agree with @Jmesser80 on logistics if such a operation most staorage unit do suppl electrical outlets never mind the 20 amp circuit you’ll need to power every thing up with ?


Depends on how big your frow will be but yea there is a way you’ll need 2 digital timers. A big enough bucket to hold more then enough water for the week. Youll need a submersible fountain pump and a bubbler that I believe has 10 outlets and you can cap off what you don’t use and you just need to attach hose to the bubbler and run it to your plants and brace the hose in place.

Bubbler has 8 ports not 10. Bubbler is $9.99 and submersible pupmp shown is 8.99 price will go up slightly depending on size. Get your 2 timer a power strip and some hose and bam your in business!

I would advise against doing this. This just seems like a really good way to get caught if you’re not in a legal state. All it takes is for the wrong person to get a whiff and the cops have probable cause. There are just way too many variables that put you at risk.