Reefer Rods 2nd GG#4 grow! (W9)

I decided to do a end of harvest journal for a couple reasons. I am proud of my improvement on my last GG grow so I wanted to show yall incase yall remember my last grow. I also have a deficiency on one of my plants that I thought was nitrogen but idk anymore. And finally I wanted to get one more under my belt on record incase anyone has questions on GG4 they can refer to these two journals.

WEEK 9!!!

The Set Up

Tent: Vivosun 4x4x8 Grow tent
Light: Viparspectra Timer Control Series 1350 watt LED dimmable (I love my light can you tell? :rofl:)
Hvac: Vivosun 6 inch inline fan with Carbon Filter
Medium: Happy Frog/7 gal Fab Pots
Nutes: General Organics BioSeries
P.H: 6.8 both water and water with feed. Will know run off PH tomorrow or tuesday.

My light :star_struck:

So as you seen we are beginning week 9 today and im guessing about a week and a half before harvest. I do prefer my GG a little bit more couchy but not to much. I gave them there last feeding last wednesday so in the middle of week 8. Im going to flush them this tuesday most likely with about 7 gallons of water per plant. I know its suppose to be so much more but last harvest I used 5 gal pots and did 5 gal of water and the ppm was down at 150 which is what my water comes out at.

Im proud of my scrog this time. I did some defoliation underneath.

A look at my last week 9 vs this week 9.

First GG grow (left of tent)

Second GG grow (all plants are GG)

Ok! Now the deficiency!

And I dont plan on feeding no more so idk what to do. What do yall think?? Not just with this def but also with the whole grow?? Any final tips and help is always loved!! Critique me!!!
@raustin @PurpNGold74 Tag others as well if yall want :v::sunglasses::dash:


My only tip would be to send me a sample once cured, for my scientific research of course!

Nice grow, you are right to be proud.


Cratique, no way… . Hey, we are all Bud Brothers… All constructive criticism can only be discussed over a peace pipe. After the dang thing is cured.


Over all they are gorgeous!

Tag me if you get the deficiency figured out. I would like to learn from it.


Thanks bro! and I wish I could! One day I dream soon we will be able to legally mail some herb to some amazing people around the world!

Amen to that broseph! hah Stay tuned im sure someone soon will know whats going on.

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They look great to me. I like me some GG.

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Thanks! They were my very first ever plant I grew, next grow is gonna be Skywalker and OG Kush.

Blahhhhh can anyone tell me what they think this part is called???

This part of growing is called flushing and I hate it!! :joy:
I will say im getting smarter and smarter as I continue to grow as a botanist.
I think next grow im going to design a irrigation system out of cvc so I can water and flush the back plants easier without the back breaking part. It is very convienient to have my spare bathroom next to my grow room but lifting the shopvac to empty the water 48 times sucked bad.

This little starter idea for my cvc irrigation came in handy.

The PPMs were at 22k per plant :grimacing: and are now at 300. My water comes from the tap at 180ppm so im happy. They got about 2-3 more waters before I harvest them. I only flush about a week out because I use organic nutes.

If yall have any tips or techniques to help me please dont hesitate!! Same with questions, send it!


What is your nutrient choice? Using nectar? Gorgeous girls btw!

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Ive only ever used General Organics Bio-Series because its perfect for beginner soil growers. Id like 3 successfull grows with soil and the bio series before I switch up to synthetic. Then after 3 grows with syn ill switch up to hydro growing haha

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What you mean by nectar?

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It’s an organic nutrient line called “Nectar for the Gods”. I’m using it on my now second indoor grow. I like it, but requires ALOT of mixing. Can get complicated. Lol.
I’ve been experiencing the same deficiency with my gelato. I lowered the ph a bit and seems to have corrected the problem…for now. Gelato is touchy if you push it past 6.4!

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Yea my GGs are always so strong and resilient. I really I mean really pushed the bar on the nutrient amount this grow haha last grow before flush my ppm was around 12-13, this time it was 22-23k per plant. I noticed my GGs were at 7.1-7.2 PH runoff before flush so that may have been my issue.

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Yeah, I’d say that’s where you were getting your deficiency from. I bet if you got them around 6.6-6.8, you wouldn’t see these issues.

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Yea a little late for this grow but im going to def be checking alot more often next grow.

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