Red marijuana stems

A question from a fellow grower:

My plants are turning ref where leave stems are why is this am I not feeding them enough or what

There is a good chance you are over watering and are causing a magnesium deficiency.

hello i have had this problem on my last 2 grow ops im using coco coir and thc coco 3part nuts feeding first day of every week iv tryed few things but doesnt change much at all…

what would be a solution to this problem? calmag?

CalMag or CaliMagic might help. Maybe you could amend your coco coir a lot, with perlite as this can be the cause by not enough air getting to the roots, they need lots of oxygen rich water if they are going to be very wet a lot of the time. Also if your room is too hot, this can contribute to low dissolved oxygen in the water in the growing media. The root zone should not be much higher than around 75F/24C (and not much below around 70f/20C) in a hydro or soil-less medium, and not much hotter at all or as the temp goes up water holds less and less dissolved oxygen and then causes this problem. Organic soils with really good aeration can handle higher temps and is an option if bringing your room’s temp lower is not an option, an air temp of 78F or a little under 26C will result in the hydro’s/root zone’s temps being low enough. Maybe going longer between wetting of the coco coir might help, let it dry a little longer for more air to get to the roots. I assume you are flood and drain? If you are using another form of wetting, then maybe it needs more aeration. A H2O2 solution added to the nutrient/water mix can also help in some situations.