Recommended light hours for Autos

Hi, I’ve got a Viperspectra 900 & 2 600HPS either side. I using MH globes in the 600’s then swapping to SON-T once flowering.
My question is how long can I run the lights. I have a pretty solid set up.
Also will all 3 Autoflowers flower at the same time ? Thanks

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@Nugnug, morning sir. I am not an experienced grower. I’m actually waiting on my seeds to arrive. That being said I am a nerdy bookworm that has grown outdoors and put too many hours of research in. Majority of successful auto growers say 18/6 or 20/4. My autos will be on the 20/4 cycle their whole life. The largest yields I’m hearing of on a regular basis use that schedule and scrog. Good luck with the grow bud!!


If you’re super lucky. Autos have a mind of their own. As for light hours, I run mine along side my photos so they get 6on/2off during veg and 12/12 when I switch my photos to flower


Welcome ! autos usually start flowering between 4 to 7 weeks. Most of the time they are not too far apart. But you can’t get a stubborn one occasionally.