Reasonable cost par meter

A question from a fellow grower:
I’m looking for a good Par Meter at a reasonable cost. Do you have any suggestions?

1st stop e-bay or amason (chepest)- can give you many names of companies than offer them (Grow ace, Discount Hydro supplies, Worms

E-bay or Amazon are probably your best bets. But what do you think of as reasonable? An actual PAR meter that measures more that just LUX/Lumens/Candle Power is probably going to be pretty expensive.


Just doing a quick read on smartphone apps that turn the phone into a light meter…some reviewers say it’s not reliable…anyone have first hand experience with it?

have seen them for around 300 aussie dollars in oz,an as low as 150 from monster gardens in the u.s.a, they are not a cheap addition to the garden but will let you know exactly what’s going on with your lights,good question,i’d like to here the same about any cheaper that work great, :slight_smile: