Really need help please

I need to see if anyone can help me figure out when these might be ready just by looking at them. No dates or journal to go by other then they were planted at the end of May with gifted seeds so don’t know the kind and all flowered at diff times.

Any help is greatly appreciated


Its going to be hard to tell without a better look at the trichomes do you have a magnifying glass you can hold in fron of the camera and maybe zoom in some basically when about 25%-30% of the trichomes are amber i would harvest


My magnifying glasses very little I did zoom in though and it looked like a lot of little clear ones had just a touch of brown looking on the tips of them

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I haven’t tried it with my camera but I will

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So I pulled this one this morning.
All one plant just diff pics and zoom shots lol.

You will do best with this kind of resolution to evaluate trichomes. These pics were taken with a $30 USB microscope from Amazon.

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