Ready for a beer?

For discussional purposes, has anyone ever been tempted to pour a can of beer in their grow pot because you think your lady would appreciate it? Ramifications?

If its yummy to you, it wont be for your plants. If it smells like dead fish and you wouldn’t touch it, probably good for the plants. Don’t waste your beer. Savor the beer with some stinky bud.


Not the best way to combine the two that’s for sure, I’m. Sure you could infuse it somehow but that may be more for a home brew forum

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Nope, never, no way. Never seen a lady that couldn’t get her own beer.


I see what your doing…feed her a few beers and fim her when she’s not looking.


Lol, bad things happen when you fim a real girl.

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Bat guano beer…I think we’re onto something

I remember a gardening guy on AM radio about treating your lawn with a can of beer in the hoser. Also said chewing tobacco kept pests away. All politically incorrect today. LOL

I used to prefer the ones that couldn’t hold their beer. Dark ages…

I only want to smell your leaves…LOL

Back to reality, considering what beer is, is there anything wrong, except perhaps the alcohol, It would seem an ideal treat. Let cousin Hops meet cousin Mary. All sorts of mish-mash of good stuff in that brew.
Someone should try to make fish beer LOL