RE-Veging a continous grow garden

So can you re-veg an autoflower with this technique or just photoperiods?

Have no answer supported with personal experience.
Can’t answer status of original seeds (photo or auto).
Only know when results survivie, results classified successful.

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I dont believe an auto would survive the stress.


I have never even cracked an auto seed, so no firsthand experience here.
But I think that I have read here that it is difficult to do, but if successful the plant will revert to a photo. Not sure if this is very accurate?


I’ve heard of a guy, Kronic (who works for another forum/seed co) that has. Check him out on Youtube, he hosts “The iCanTHC Channel” and does a ton of podcasts.

I think he also had an auto that he got to delay flowering for over 200 days or something ridiculous, kept up-potting it, getting it to constantly do root development.


The cannabis Kronicles…


man this is legit, man the impossible just keeps getting more and more possible LOL :joy:

thats cool , i wonder how? im still learning genetics.

@Spudgunner im gonna check him out now lol

They grow up so fast :cry: my zombies and her clones. Getting ready for flip.


My seedling clone tent is so small and after looking at yours, I have tent envy.
I raise my hat to you. Good grow.
Todays activity included these two getting trainiing.
Not sure what training, other than bondage, but for now.
Seedling clone tent has some extra space so these reside, for now. LED 150watts?, 20/4

Bondage above,

below Fan leaves trimmed (Christmas tree shape?).


Old picture, but shows stretch and shoots with single blade leaf shaped leaves (not 3,5 or more)
Stretch between nodes and flower bud formation sites,
And in my case, I learned more about this and side trips, than words can describe.
The split pair of revegers got 10gal soils for new homes.
The new light is not here yet.
The 3 week re-veg shock appears lessened.
poor picture, but the shoots became abundant.
I did some bush hacking with hedger

My best sahped and under 2 feet tall, currently.

Bottom half of my reveg plants are full un-harvested Aug original growth.
Left for really long flower grow and to see how the flowers handle the regrow.
Candidates for reveg left with 40-50% bottom, sennding reasonably healthy plant into recover mode.


YUP my Fox Farm OF needs cutting with seedling soils or peat moss. The lift method employed on drooping leaves for confirmation soil is dry and needs watering. Re-soil mixed two today. The Re-veged flowering plants are escaping shock zone and appear to be healthy and robust (four beautiful ladies). Interesting experiment appears doing well. The new HLG350R added to inventory has double the output the of Vipar Spectras, according to the light meter and the watts measured device.2023-01-19T01:12:00Z


Here are my 5 re-vegged clones, about 4 weeks into flower. They’re real compact! The 2 on the right are still weird looking

Kinda bored of them tbh, not sure I’m going to run them all the way but they’ll stick around as long I have tent space for them


I’d let them go, honestly. Revegged plants are More potent, and the hard part is already over. If ya can, give em a chance


Update 2023-01-22T16:15:00Z
Three of my re-veg ladies have ugly shapes (bushy). They will contribute to the Kiefe collection, after drying. However, the others are showing promising flowering shapes. Also have two seedlings getting ready to show sex. Clone tent got a six-inch male hiding out (pollen collecting soon?).

@SpinyNorman I noticed a picture you posted on another thread (about tying down plants, reaching light level). Your light? looks like one I have in my tent. However, my plants are 20-25-inches away (growing into the light zone). At our PNW temperatures I easily keep my tents at 70-75F. My question for you is do your plants experience light burn? I hope the coming KING TIDE does no flood or damage to you and yours. Island living could get difficult, this week.


Yikes. I just heard on the news radio last night (sitting in traffic) that the king tide this week will be more a prince tide. That they overestimated it and it should be more normal tide. If you do t mind me asking what island are you on? I thought you are on camano?

Actually, Fun Fact, Our island is more east reaching than Camano.
Whidbey Island, home of NAS Whidbey (Growlers) and Deception Pass State Park (WA#1 and USA#5 tourist destinations for beautiful parks).

Update on the Re-Veging:
Found a seeded male, and isolated in clone tent for possible pollen collection.
Moved plants around and watered from bottom (or top on the 10-gals).
Re-vegers that bushed are soon gone. Revegers that stayed flowering, look good, but I left too much MASS buds, before reveg, showing signs of dead or used leaves. pulled one for scrap because too much dead brown. White flowers looking very promising

and finally I am training a six-inch-flowering female.

Thanks to the forum contributors, I am learning more than I can remember and typing the logs is killing my hands. Lights are above 20 inches and temps under 75, keep the grow manageable and calm.


Update, for a better answer.
The Lighting changes initiated the re-veg.
The plants now have recovered well and are still well into flowering.
I would say the month has ended the process and the correct answer for completeness, would be a month of lost growth time. However, I love the set-up these plants are ready for.

@noddykitty1 , your advice worked well and I should have trimmed more (but it hurts me, trimming them).


I am flowering out all my seedlings right now. Started them just before Christmas. Let the best males go and making seeds. Then at seed harvest (just before spring plant) I chop them down to 1-2 nodes. Give them a week at 24hours. Back to 18h. They always reveg faster and cleaner (normal growth not twisty what the F growth) than leaving all the flowering tops. Even if big tops on bigger plants. My theory is removing the flower hormones in the bud growth is better because they get confused. Or the flower hormones take a long while to diminish or break down left on the plant in the flowers.

As a matter of fact, this trick also works great for early clones or seedlings put out too soon in the spring. When the daylight is still too short. They get confused and start to spring flower. I have found you are way better off to top down to one or two nodes. Even if those plants hit two or 3 feet tall. You have faster, correct vegetative growth and not the twisty what the F.

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Welcome to the jungle

Some went bushey so i squished them down and netted them.


@noddykitty1 and @Spudgunner Not nice weather for the next week, heading to PNW=Seattle.
Colder and wetter, not better for a week or more. King 5 Weather guy is good.

Garden will not be getting Saturday night baths.
Stay warm, dry, and water grow less, IMO.