Re-using soil for marijuana plants

Re using cannabis soilSeeing as how farmers can build up their soils and you can leach or treat soil in containers, why does it seem to be the status quo for marijuana growers to replace potted soil every season? Wouldn’t it be better to recondition the soil and save money?

You can recondition container soil by leaching it and introducing more nutrients. Many advisers suggest using new soil because reconditioning the soil is tedious and highly critical. If you get too great of a mineral buildup, you could cause a difficult to reverse toxic condition. Seeing as how the cannabis crop is valuable and soil is cheap, many of those advisers don’t see the work as necessary.


wow you are willing to work way to hard. It is easy to get a soil mixture that works for you and repeat it from scratch over and over. If you try to recondition old soil it is a trail and error deal every time. Save yourself the time and frustration.


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