Rdwc net pot and grow plug questions

Doing rdwc, do I put a layer of hydroton in the net pot first then the starter plug or do i put the starter plug all the way to the bottom of the net pot then fill with hydroton…2nd question what level should the water be, under the net pot or in the net pot…i do have 1 airstone in each 8gallon tote thanks for any and all responses

About 2 inch below net pot for water level.

Place some under and then hold plug in center and fill around edges.
Unless you have a raised center in the net pot. Then you just set plug on center and fill net pot.


Thank you very much


You want to make sure your plant is at the highest point in the net pot when installed properly. Top feed until plants’ roots reach rez then discontinue.

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Thank you very much I appreciate the help