Rdwc indoor growing

Just flipped 12/12. Plants are growing really strong on jacks 321.



Nice and clean. Love it.

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Flipped at the right time. Gonna be a couple bushes in there. Looks like you may need to increase the epsom salt a little.


Nice clean setup and great lookin plants. You add anything to the jacks?

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I raised my intensity on my light and kinda burnt her a bit. I lowered it back to 60% until I get my lux meter hopefully tomorrow. I’ve been using tent buddy and photone but getting different readings. I’ve been mixing the standing jacks 321 do you think I should increase on that part?

Just silica and hydro guard.

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The more the light, the more magnesium the plant will use up. Photone has been very accurate in my testing (tested against an apogee 500). You would be fine bumping the epsom to 1.4-1.6g.


I’m only getting 20dli on the photone app I have a Galaxy 22 ultra. I don’t feel like it’s accurate because when I run 80% intensity it doesn’t change on my dli and the plants can’t handle it. I can’t anywhere near 40-50dli. Kinda lost on that part right now! Lol

This is my first ever grow btw. I’m hoping these don’t outgrow my 6ft tent! I’ve been lst and scogging like crazy hoping to keep the plant low.

How are you measuring? From the floor, the plant canopy, up close the light?

What setting do you have the Photone app set to?

What light are you using and what size tent? Looks like a 2x4

Are you using a diffuser on your phone?

Im measuring from the highest point of the plant. I have a 2x4 tent with the ac infinity lights 300w total. No defuser and in the direct sun setting.

Thanks for the help!

That’s all the correct way to do it. Is your DLI set to correct hours? I think default is 24 hours and will drop the DLI

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Yep I have it all set correctly I searched here for a while to wrap my head around it all and read a bunch of good info about it. I think it’s just my phone? I ordered a $50 lux meter on Amazon to double check it all. Next grow I’ll spend the coin for the good one!

This is what I went to do. Then when I compared it to the Korona app (which is now photone) it was too close to justify $500. It may be different now. Haven’t used it since many updates ago.

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I remember hellraiser experimenting with the Photone app but I can’t remember if it was more accurate with the diffuser or without… what do you do?

iPhones, you use a diffuser. Androids, you don’t use a diffuser

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Thanks! See I told ya that yer the light guru!

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Lol, I just like to test stuff.

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Yep me too but I just can’t remember it all! Thanks again