Quintuploid or more?

What do you make of this? It grows 2 out of every other node site but has a tripliod or more happening, granted it’s past it’s sequential node sets but curios of everyone’s thoughts. It’s a pencil width at bottom but 3/4 of a flat eraser at top and still going. The cultivar is Skunk Mazar, has a “head shop smell” taste with a vanilla after taste. Should I continue the grow or kill it.

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I would let it grow …if I’m understanding correctly, your plant is giving you more colas all on its own …some people actually a good amount of people that grow have to cut the plant in certain ways to make it do what yours is doing in its own …
It’s never happened to me but I’ve heard people in here talk about it and a few of them had the same thing happen …I’d let it grow


I also don’t see any signs of stress however an entire plant pic would be cool …I’m sure others will say that also lol


@LearnasUgrow so your saying you have a Unicorn :unicorn:???! No training and all the cola’s you can handle??! Sounds like a plant you save as a bonsai mother of clones!!


It’s a very airy cultivar to begin with (sativa) but I’m worried it will be even more fluffy when flowered. My question is, do abnormalities produce more airy buds or is it just an abnormality that may/may not produce more yields or is it a up in the air mutation? (To give a figure, the same size height clone to it, only has 16-20 nodes. This has between 64-72 nodes. That’s an astronomical jump, my expectations is it should be more airy. Yes or no on that?

To give you an aspect ratio, the first pic is the 3 port hydro setup. The second is of the top 16”-18” away for photo. The third is about 4” away from bottom of this abnormality’s main stock.

I’ve grown 2 of those. I had to keep trimming or the plant would have choked itself to death.


@MidwestGuy , I’ve thought about topping. My only problem would be, it already has 64-72 sites (if I wanted to flower). I’m worried about wasted growth due to the extra amounts of biomass that is being produced. Will I suffer from, excess nutrient usage with no extra benefit, or will it depend on the plants willingness to grow? I’ll be more than happy to clone it and send cuttings to people who would like to “experiment” on this particular cultivar. I just want a good result, because I plan on sending this particular clone to production ASAP, especially if I can up my yield (even if by a 1/4 z per plant) on these 72+ plants that WILL BE produced for production from this plant.

My plant self topped early on. The cut you see in the one photo was done not as a topping, but to cut off foliage so dense that the plant was choking itself.

The 2 seeds that developed as polyploids were from the same seed bag/same strain. I have 3 seeds left and assume that they will be polyploids too.


Also, @MidwestGuy , I’ve taken cuttings from the off shoot “quintupliods” and received similar results from the offspring. Just worried about weight at the end. No cutting/clone has gone into flower (yet). Waiting for word if it’s worth it.

Just don’t want to waste space for production. Trying to please the masses.