Questions on indoor grow

Wanting to know if I could use the same HPS light for a 1.2x1.2 tent 400w digital ballast for 4 autos that’ll be going in clay peb pots. I got a drip irrigation, and was wondering when these autos need to be fed and what schedule of feeding, and if I could use the HPS light while its still in seedlings, but obviously futher away? Or would hps still be to much burning for the plant? Quick question, cheers.

Ok so you should have veg bulbs in fixture until tou see the first signs of flowering with autos
Yes they still need to be feed
What nutrients line are you using ???
Autos grow fast and having the ability to read your plant and its needs is necessary
Flowering happens about 3-4 weeks from sprout with autos and sometimes earlier
You might even want to try a hot soil or super soil
Something like fox farms ocean forest
I know a few growers who dont feed anything using these soils just ph water