Question on space

Will I have enough room for 2 autos in my 2x4 tent


That’s a loaded question, but more than likely.
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


With training I’ve been able to get 3 in mine. 2 would be better though, I didn’t want to get rid of one so had 3 but they weren’t all together long. It looked like a huge puzzle I put together, by training em to go different ways to maximize the space. Last one was looking like a huge menorah and it ate up a lot of space and 2 were tight on that grow.


I think 2 autos will work fine . Personally general rule 2x2 space per plant. That’s just me growers have different styles.


Yes plenty of room


Tricky question, yes you should but you can find pics with people having 2 plants out of control, in a good way, in that same space. Measure the pots u r going to use then add a little for your saucer then reminder make sure u leave space for Fan, humidifier, de- humidifier , stuff like that if needed. I forgot about space for humidifier it took some rigging, sorry can’t find a pic of it, it was bad :cry:

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