Question about Temperature

Thank you my friend…for someone new…like me, trying to invent a new process or procedure is painstaking. Trying not to reinvent the wheel…just making it spin faster.

Again thank you for all the info you and Apple have provided. I’ll get the process under control soon…and when i do I’ll produce the best meds and topical creams in the country…my goal. And I’ll make it inexpensive so everyone has the opportunity to feel better…

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Of course I’m learning…soon will get this mastered… Figuring this out…amazing growing up in the midwest…this “weed” grew in cow crap all over the place… think about that…

There are, as you say, many opinions on many aspects of cannabis cultivation. Some of those have some science behind them, others do not.

@imSICKkid has given you excellent guidance regarding light levels. It is well documented that cannabis requires a Daily Light Integral of about 35 Moles to produce good to excellent quality flower. The ppfd to achieve that is in the neighborhood of 800 uMoles per Meter^2 per second.

These are approximations based on established science and validated by growers actual experiences.

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so Kid as I look over my plants in my room, not sure if your looking at the same the same plants I am??? please advise as I’m confused?

Thanks Merlin for the input and thought…Process process process… what works well for me, with soil light, fertilizer, growing conditions, temp, humidity, ph., TDS… I’m finding out are all subjective. What works for some may not work for others.

Here’s what I have definitively can quantify…temp, ph, humidity, TDS, soil, and fertilizer application are critical… More to come from my statical observations… I just deal in numbers and observations of my crop and what works good for my situation.

Thank you for your input

Please show me data numbers or statistics… I dont believe you can… Every part of the growing world is different, however what I’m finding are results driven by stats… based on a baseline from this forum. nothing more nothing less…Just would like to maximize speed, growth and quality. not being obstinate, just want my plants to be healthy and grow quickly.

I can support everything I said, not interested in trying to convince you of anything.


And in order to do this you need certain things no matter where your at in the world. Indoors, the plant wants a certain temperature/humidity/light levels in order to achieve the results your wanting.

If I’m gonna cut to the chase…soil inside is garbage…especially if your wanting fast growth rates. You need to use an inert medium such as coco coir. Hydro growing is the best method indoors period, end of story.

The lights you bought from amazon are ok for vegging a plant and that’s about it. If you want big plants with solid weight then you need to invest in better lighting. Go look at horticulture lighting group and check out the quantum boards.

And please dont get snappy, or aggressive with anyone. Merlin is trying to help you and he is one of the growers of this forum who has his stuff together and produces awesome crops.


Thats awesome of you! Sorry to hear about your wife. Great thing you are doing thogh!

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Thank you for this, i checked out the website as i have a J1500 for my first. For down the line what product would you recommend for a 4 x4 light wise. I noticed they have a ton of lights which is awesome. Also thanks for all the good info!! Love this place

I would go with 2 of the 260 kits. And preferably the 260xl kits.


Thank you for that!

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Just wanted to see your data. nothing more nothing less.

Sorry you feel I’m “snappy” lol the soil I chose was based on my research here on this site. FF Happy Frog. So this soil is not good? I’m data driven and looking for numbers that support all the ideas here. Snappy no just looking for solid numbers that I can make better judgements on and see if they will work for me. Sorry you feel that way.

I second that and will include digital window ac units. I learnt the hard way about digital heaters hooked to my inkbird when I walked in and it was 40 degrees, luckily my plants didn’t suffer. Glad I learned that lesson before I bought a window ac

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Nothing wrong with using soil many do. I have grown in pretty much everything including straight perlite before and none of it is as smooth as that grown in soil in my opinion as a 30 year indoor and outdoor gurilla


I agree, proper lighting is crucial for getting dense fat nugs. U want around 40 to 50 true watts per sq foot in flower

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Ive only ever grown in soil and all i care to do. They say soil grown produces best overall flavor but i dunno. I do mix in a good bit of perlite

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