Question about temp

question from a fellow grower:

I’ve done a few grows but tryin something different …I’m using a 2m x 1m loft tent which is 1.5m high I’m using this just to veg my 30 cheese plants…I’m really struggling to keep my humidity up …as I’ve got 2 x 600 lamps with a 6" in and a 4" out temp stays about 30 and humidity of about 35 I know my humidity has to be higher …wots the lowest temp I can use for vegging

Cannabis can endure a light frost near zero degrees C (32F). However you should never attempt to have any cannabis plant in temperatures below 9C/48F for any length of time. And temperatures below 60F/15*C, and tissue growth and photosynthesis will be greatly slowed.


They sell humidifiers and I have used a vaporizer. That is about all I know to do.

Wrong question. LOL

The answer is: Your (2) 600 watt lamps are drying the air. You only need (1) 600 watt in that small tent.

MJ plants are highly adaptive. If you can keep the temps above 80f in veg; You will be OK.