Question about seeds

Is there a certain amount of time you have to wait to plant seeds? Got a few out of my indoor winter crop i just harvested and was wondering when id be able to plant them for my outdoor summer grow

As long as they are mature seeds you should be able to germinate them @Edensgarden

@Countryboyjvd1971thanks for the quick reply. They came from one of my plants. I had 2 females and i thought i got rid of the males soon enough but i guess not. Im pretty sure they arent hermies i never seen any of the signs. But they are very healthy looking seeds. I will try germinating them within the next few weeks then its outside they go!

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Greetings from Daddies2fatties,

I have 10acres of pristine condition soil in Maricao Puerto Rico. It is a tropical rainforest farm.

How many seeds/ bags would it require to grow the best quality of medical and recreational usage on 1 acre ? Outdoor.


There are 43560 square feet per acre, so if you plant a seed every 10 square feet you would need 4356 seeds. Thats a big bag of seeds. If you buy from I Love Growing Marijuana site they are about $4-$5 a seed so that would be $17424-$21780 respectively. I"m sure they would give you a discount on that many. Your yield would be, at 1 pound per plant, 1.7 tons. I hope that helps


That’s a boat load of MJ

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