Question about PH test strips and FF nutrients

Say that a gallon of water and the PH is way off. Should I add the FF nutrients and then use PH up or down and check it or not even try it this way. I’m growing in potting soil. Any advice would be appreciated.

This is the only that I’ve used FF nutes on.

These 2 have had no nutes used on them, but still have the same spots. Strawberry Kush, Lowes potting soil, purified water, outside grow.

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Can I cut these spots off? Thanks.

Ph after adding nutes as the nutes will reduce your PH Also buy a PH and TDS meter they are cheap and much more accurate then strips


@EarlyPearl what are you using for soil? and yea pH after adding nutes

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These are in miracle grow seedling soil, I’m going to put them in potting soil. I actually transplanted 2 of them today into potting soil and the roots where white and looked good. I’ve had them in MG and small seedling pots for a month. Thanks.

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