Question about nutrients with Seed Starting Mix

Hey folks,

So I have started a few auto flowering strains in 4 inch pots with Miracle Gro Seed Starting Mix (basically zero nutrients 0.03-0.03-.03). They are now just about 10 days out and seem to be doing well enough. They all have their 2nd sets of true leaves and 1 seems to be starting 3rd set. Just to clarify if a plant has 2 sets of leaves there would be 4? We aren’t talking about nodes? Because I have read that you start adding nuts after 2nd set of leaves but also read after 2nd node appears. I have also read the more general after about 2 weeks add nuts.

Anyhow, my question is I am suspecting that they probably need some nutrients added after 10 days in this very light mix. Any suggestions/ideas? I do understand the autos don’t need to same level/amount of nuts as “normal” strains.

I had posted this on another forum without any replies. Cheers.

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What do you intend to plant up into? Soil? Media?

If you feel they are ready for some feeding before transplant, give them 1/4 strength veg nutes at every other watering. Once you transplant you can determine what to do from there (soil, no nutes).

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Yes two sets are 4 leaves. Plain water to keep soil damp for now. Some seedling soils have no nute charge. That works better for me Miracle grow’s is loaded at 3-3-3.

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They are in the Miracle Gro seed starting mix with ~20% perlite atm in 4" pots. They about 11 days now out. The MG SS mix has only 0.03-0.03-0.03 on the package. Obviously need to transplant them but was hoping to get them bigger with a stronger root system before then. Once I do transplant I got to work with what is around here and it seems to me the MG moisture control potting mix seems like the best option at 0.18-0.10-0.10. I will mix this with perlite again I think.

So for now I am wondering if I should add a little nuts to them while they are still in the 4" pots in the mix with basically zero nutrients added…or maybe I just answered my own question?

Thx for the quick replies :smiley:

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