Question about flowering

can you use 23 hours of darkness and 1 hour of light for flowering…

12/12 for flowering

Do ilgm sell male seeds too. :house:

They sell regular seeds, which are male and female.

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@irma…you will have many of your newbie questions answered in the FREE GROW DOWNLOAD offered here.

regular seeds will be male and female. 30 to 80% will be males.

23/1 is not a good idea.

suggest you checkout the autogrow strains…the easy to grow ones.

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Why are you recommending autos? They can’t grow in 23 hours of darkness, either. :grinning:

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Auto’s will require less skill. plant, feed…carefully and harvest.
no light changes needed.

The no light change part is correct. The rest, not so much.

Autos can be very finicky & easily stunted b/c there’s not a lot of time for recovery, if any mistakes are made.


Again Auto’s raised carefully are simpler n quicker than regular photo’s

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agree with @blackthumbbetty that any issues during an auto grow will ultimately take away from the final product.

For photoperiod, mistakes tend to add time to the grow.

I thought the nice thing about autos is you can essentially grow on 24/0 or 18/6 start to finish. No need to mess with the lighting schedules.

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The whole “carefully” thing tends to stymie people, especially newer growers. I say, start with some rough & tumble photo plants, learn the basics, then try out some autos.


I’m with @blackthumbbetty on this; photos are in general more forgiving than autos.

There’s a grow journal here somewhere where the OP had all kinds of trouble with his auto and grew it out anyway. He harvested it and rolled one spliff from his harvest lol.

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I agree if a grower can’t maintain decent conditions: light, grow media, nutes, PH and PPM…they will not grow a decent harvest from an auto.

and…I am sure we all agree, it would be helpful to a newbie to download the Free Growing download here.
Lots of good free useful information.