Question about cleaning after virus

If I think I have a virus should I finish my crops then clean and start the next crop? I have 2 tents and one tent is in week 2 of flower. Thanks

Yea I would but depends on the virus if you could clean it if its tmv its extremely hard to get rid of

I’m not sure about this. I heard there are no confirmed cases of tmv in cannabis. Also physan 20 and bleach was my plan. Also if can’t be transmitted unless you damage the plant (bugs or pruning).
I guess my question is pretending it’s the worse case, what options do I have?

You have a virus? Or the plants? What makes you think they have TMV? @Fever

Hi Bob I am deliberately trying to be vague and just say virus. I am only looking for cleaning advice and suggestions on if I should shut down all grows and clean or just clean and how should I clean?
I didn’t want to turn it into a heated tmv debate :slight_smile:

I’m looking online for tips on cleaning but since I’m not getting much traffic on my question I can turn it to a more dramatic post.
1 side of leaf is deformed on all 4 plants in two tents. Haven’t ruled out ph so it could be that

The only and I mean only pictures I can find that resemble my issue are all related to a virus of some sort. So… here I am with my question :slightly_smiling_face:

So you don’t know if you have a virus or not? Why would you create a thread sayin you did when you possibly don’t? Why would touch just fill out a support ticket with pictures and then all of us would have a better idea of what is actually going on, instead of you sayin you have a virus but no evidence to back it up on this thread?

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I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings @Hawkeye_diesel, my question was regarding cleaning practices and solutions and probability of eradication, you know boring stuff for those that are not actually trying to address the problem. What would be fun is that I provide tons of empirical evidence and have you all come to that conclusion over a period of days which at that point I would have to remind folks to get back to the original question of what to do to clean it and if I should shut down the other grow and probability of recovering etc. or maybe we can have an open debate on which virus if any I have? Actually none of those things are fun but if that is what it takes I will.
I am fully aware that it is boring (to just give cleaning advice)
I don’t mean any insult to anyone and sorry for making this post boring by being hypothetical: “if one has a virus how is best to address this issue?”

No feeling were hurt, I was simply askin why it’s stated as you have in a virus without actually having a diagnosis. I was simply stating if you are having a issue then fill out a support ticket and add pictures an we as a community can help with the situation, but simply stating you have a virus when you don’t and of you wanted advice on cleaning why wouldn’t you state it in the topic question or main title.

Thanks @Hawkeye_diesel your right. I must have known the uninteresting nature of the title would guarantee I get few, if any responses. Sorry for misleading.
Here goes nothing.

No reason to appologize. Remember you can always tag someone or the mentors or mods and they will be around when they can be and the others on this site will always offer their expertise and advice brother

I’m not interested in bothering anyone. Thanks though. There are much more enjoyable posts to respond to “when is it time to harvest?”

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Use bleach to clean and that’s it, clean entire tent from top to bottom. … Not sure how much bleach but I’d make it strong maybe half and half are do however you want to. . .

Tha ks and aerosol the room outside the tent? I have exhaust ducts that I should also clean right? What about the carbon filter?

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Yeah that would be a good idea about the room, the whole grow tent. . . For as filter goes they are designed to catch stuff and hold it, but you can order a new 1 If you like. . . @Fever

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Exhaust ducts too@fever, everything that is involved. . .