QB light and blurples together?

I have a 320w 288 rspec and three blurples that can be lined up. I am wondering can I use qb in one side and blurples on other side of tent 4x8 tent when it’s flower time? The qb gives me 2.5x5 flowering. I can cover other 3 feet with the blurples. What do you think?

Sure you can but you will definitly see a difference in quality of the bud.


Yup, that will be fine. Just arrange to get best coverage possible.


I did it back in the day and was rotating plants every 7-10 days.


I thought about rotating plants but I’d like to see what qb can do by itself over some. Will the difference in quality be from one light to another or will the blurples interfere with qb?will my whole tent light blurple? Will only half light blurple? @ThatoneAKguy @dbrn32 @Familyman

If that’s the baseline you are looking for you should be growing identical plants on Both sides and the interference should be negligible. It could be that the center might be sharing light from both but it’s almost a guarantee that the qb will crush your blurple.

So if I wanted to light the 8 ft length of my tent (not width) can I add say a 2 qb build like my three qb build to finish the 8 foot. @dbrn32 what do I need for a 2 qb 288 rspec v2 3500 light build to match my qb I have now


I would put the QBs in the middle then blurpes lined up along outside

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That’s certainly doable and will save electrical costs in the future but you can grow dank with blurple lights: most of us here have likely done just that. I would replace them but don’t consider it to be critical that you do. Your QB’s and Blurples will be fine side by side.


You can if you want. Ideally you would do something like 4 260xl kits in a 4x8. That would give you a little more even coverage throughout the space. The 3 board kit you have doesn’t work as well with other lights in longer than 5’ spaces. How big of canopy are you growing in your tent again? If I remember, you’re not using the whole tent for plants right?

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@dbrn32 I will be using length of tent but no wider than 3 feet

Unless you have a better idea it’s a total of 8 autos that will be trained possibly a net over all to control canopy. Not really scrogging just keeping it in the area of light

That would probably be alright.