Putting my seeds outside

A question from a fellow grower:

Quick question, I have successfully germinated a seed and it is thriving on an East facing windowsill, it’s about 3/4 inches tall and healthy after a re-pot, I want to put it outside in my mini greenhouse with my tomatoes,will this be ok once I have got it adjusted to the temperature change?

Also I was going to plant it into its final pot containing some canna coco soil,would you recommend this?
I am just doing the one plant as an experiment before I do a few more next year outdoors.

Very little info to go on. Does your greenhouse have shade cloth? What are the temps, and RH? I would err on keeping it protected until it is about 8-12" tall, and can stand up strong. Do not transplant again until your plant is at least that big.

Also; When you put it in the greenhouse, make sure to acclimate it to the heat a little bit each day, and allowing for longer periods each day, until you feel comfortable with leaving it out there. :slight_smile:

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Not a fan of Coco. Some like it, but I recommend it only for experienced growers. If you use Coco coir in the Greenhouse, then you probably have the experience to make it work. I use Hydroton, expanded clay, or perlite in the greenhouse.

Its an Auto Lowryder,i am just experimenting to see if i can grow something that just gives me some personal smoke.
The greenhouse doesnt have a shade and at the moment i do not know the temps it gets too.
I understand that autos dont really need transplanting,best to keep it in the container that is big enough for it to stay in?
As for the coco its just a product i read about and sounds like its mainly for the professional grower :wink:
Thanks for the reply.
P.s does this look like its doing ok? Nice fresh colour.


I will be getting some nutrients very soon.

She looks pretty good. One thing have found with “Auto” genetics, is that they look like they have an issue, but they don’t. I believe it is caused by all the hybridization of the genetics. If that makes sense.

I cannot tell what size that pot is, but transplanting is OK. Just do not go overboard wwith big ass pot, and waste a bunch of Medium.

Lastly; Keep in mind that Lowrydder does not get real big; So growing outside in the much shorter days, (INside you would get 18 hours of light, and outside 12-14). This will effect your yield greatly. Keep me posted, Peace, lw

Cheers Latewood,glad you think it looks ok,its in a 6 1/2 inch pot.
Think i need to find a better place as on the windowsill isnt ideal just incase anyone spots it!!
But hey,its only one plant…

I dont have a hydro set up but really tempted to get a mini tent for a couple of plants.
Really excited to see how it grows,even if i get a few smokes from it i would be over the moo .