Putting an auto in the tent with regular seeds

I have 3 regular seeds in a 3x3 tent that are 36 days old. If I start an auto now will it be ok when I flip to 12/12 in a couple weeks? The tent is currently on 18/6.

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Yes. Autos don’t care about the light cycle, though you need to be sure that you are hitting DLI values if you are running 12/12 (just like any plant - auto or photo.)

If they are “regular” seeds (as opposed to feminized,) then be sure to keep an eye out for males. You will want to remove those as soon as possible.

Three photos and an auto is quite a bit for a 3x3. Be sure that you are paying attention to how much room you have for matured plants.


Yes it will be fine

Your auto won’t care when you make the flip, as it’s schedule is ruled by genetics rather than light schedule


Awesome cause it is germinated!!!

Yep I’m watching the other three for any sign of a male…so far I see nothing but that’s partly why I want the auto in the dirt…I need something soon!

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Well I’m not sure soon is what you’ll get, lol it will seem like forever
You are right though, the faster you get it started, the sooner it will finish :grinning:

Here’s to hoping chop day is sooner, rather than later