Putting a flowering hermie outside

So, I’m thinking the best way to deal with my hermie without killing it is to kick it to the curb. I have 2 unflowering girls outside, so I’m kinda nervous but I dont think unflowering plants can be pollinated heavily?

The hermie will almost certainly reveg (13:45 hours or so of daylight yet)
So my question is, do I like pick off the budlets? Its not too far into flowering, but its got some budlets. If they will end up dying in reveg I might as well pick them, but if they are fine for even a month+ in reveg (still got prolly about that long or more…)

I also will have to bring it in at some point anyway, depending on light poillution. The girls are coming in soon ish, few weeks, they have a little more to grow yet.

They can’t really be pollinated at all, as they have no flowers to process the pollen. But they could catch the pollen and hold it until or once the flowers are present.

Doubt it. Outdoor growing is much different than indoor growing. There’s not a set amount of time plants will flower or not, in outdoor plants this has to do with reduction in time and not necessarily amount of time. Depending on where you live outdoor plants will be just starting to flower if not already, as long as they are matured.

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As @dbrn32 said it shouldn’t pollinate them but consider whether you are the only person within a 2-10 mile radius who is growing weed. If the answer may be “no,” the most courteous thing to do is spray her down with water and remove the male parts. Keep her inside and deal with them every day until you just get sick of doing it. Pollen can travel far - if I were your neighbor, I would be grateful if my plant wasn’t pollinated by your plant getting kicked to the outdoors.


I agree with being polite and not seeding neighbors. Also…unless just need the bud is it worth potential stress and chances? I have grown hermies to finish but was set up to isolate and finish without harming flower tent.


Dont let a couple ounces lost ruin your entire grow. There is better stress to be had. Like what am I gonna do with all this sensemilla flower? The ends dont justify the means, saving this one plant just isnt worth it. You would get more from figuring out if it was any mistakes you made along the way that made her second guess femininity.


I put it behind a plastic sheet, without airflow. I plan to harvest it quite early, but I figured there was a decent chance it pollinated a lot already soo. I am picking off the pollen sacs when I can. I figure ill make hash out of the bud or dabs, plus I got the two outside although they may not produce all that much, they are small and if they are flowering already… (still cant tell)