Pushing the boundaries ( expanding/3rd grow )

Shite… I don’t ph my water most of the time LOL… it won’t hurt for a few weeks to get filtered water.Maybe put some dry amendments on top, scratch them in and it should be just fine.


Yeah that’s pretty much what I’m going to do for the most part . Not going to make it difficult. Unless she wants to learn . I told her I have plenty of soil , pots , and whatever she can grow flowers , fruits , veggies , whatever she wants .


Gave the girls a quick haircut, a little trimming , and few toppings on the taller growing gals . Not to impressed with a half dozen but that’s ok , I am pulling this grow out of my butt to make happen anyway . :joy:. Next one I’ll already have everything and not be scrambling everywhere . Plus I’ll be doing less variety . One strain per light . But the rest are still looking pretty happy .

Autos looking not bad at all and look like maybe a couple more weeks , I hope ! Need to get these gals more room to spread em out a bit . Think I’ll veg till maybe the 1st of March . Maybe flip a little earlier .


Wow, those trichomes are plentiful!


Yeah I’m not disappointed with how these little gg4 autos came out . They are covered .


For anyone else that wants to join us cannatrol owners and know what it’s like to finally be free of worry , here is your direct link — https://www.cannatrols.com/shop/?ref=lNkGgjB3MSyxTm

  • No more worrying of maintaining a 60/60 environment nor the high cost of electricity to run a/c’s and humidifiers , controllers , space
  • No more worrying if your drying to fast /to slow
  • No more stressing about powdery mildew and botrytis ( budrot) . Once you hit the safe water activity of between .6-.65 spores cannot grow ! Typically about 4 days from time you start the cycle
  • No more burping of jars or turkey bags
    Simply place in cannatrol , set your cycle with a few taps of the screen , press start and be worry free to take care of other important things in life . :cowboy_hat_face: Remains fresh at the perfect moisture/ water activity level of your choice indefinitely! Is smokable after 8 days but the longer it sits the better it gets . Leave it on the shelves and come back a year later to still having fresh bud .

If on the fence about it or have questions feel free to hit me up and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can . I usually do updates to my journal at least once a week minimum. :+1:.


that’s very good :call_me_hand:t3:
Congrats man

edited for language

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Thanks dude . Oops see ya had a little correction for language there .

Kinda sucks because it’s not like this is place where families get together to watch Disney movies . I mean it’s one thing to use it in the context of emphasizing something in a positive way like you was doing . Which personally I don’t see a problem with . Even been told to edit my post before .

But it’s a completely different thing if it’s being used to degrade someone or something which I mean I guess I can see why it shouldn’t be allowed in that context .

No biggie though man . Just kinda got to say freaking or I’ve gotten away with replacing a couple letters with #$ or whatnot . Or something like this f-ing rocks . :joy: They are a little more lenant on the a bombs but I’ll spell it as azz or something like that . :+1:


Next time I’ll use #$ :joy::joy:

Yeah it’s been a while since my last correction that I forgot the rules so it’s on me


certainly happens . Easy to get carried away . Especially having the past I have where I wasn’t exactly what one would consider a law and rule abiding citizen :joy: kinda hard to get in new habits when ya been doing something for decades . So I was tired , pissed off over something , and just in a horseshit type of mood . My capable of any rationalization got up and left leaving me to my "fluck it " I need to vent and let it flow :joy: wasn’t to terrible as I tried having a little restraint but one of the mods definitely asked me to edit some of it . Thought it was pretty cool giving someone the option to correct it themselves rather than just deleting it though .

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yeah they are pretty chill about it :joy:

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I’m pretty sure these autos are ready . At least this first beast one anyway .

That was the beefy one :point_up::point_up:
Then the second to best one :point_down::point_down:

Yeah I think they ready . What y’all think ? If so I’ll pull sometime this week so I can get all the photoperiods spread out in their final homes .


I’d chop if they were mine


Yep , depends how I feel in next couple hours I’ll either chop tonight or I’ll give it it’s last watering and chop this weekend . :+1:


Ok it’s school picture day . All the gals lining up for their photos . :joy: this first one is just loaded yield and sick resin . Most are just pouring with resin .

Then the other 3 aren’t bad for a first autos grow either

I decided to go ahead and let them go a little bit longer . Wait till I see a little ambers and give em the young grasshopper Daniel son karate chop , hiiiya . :joy:

Then I’m so proud of my little galZ , the growing so fast . They’re lined up for graduation ready to head to high school and be divided in different classrooms :joy:

Cleaning out the rooms and giving them a blast of power s.i bloom , then some bloom nutrients getting ready for the flip in next couple weeks . Though I think I’m putting at least the gelato41 and cheetah fat in the 5x5 and starting to flip within next week . Also have a super squatty terpgasm and hindsight I might also throw in there to . Will figure it out here in next few hours and be back with updates . :+1:


Wow this is amazing @Caligurl
Totally totally totally amazing
You must be so over the moon with these results
Cheers :clap: :v: :clinking_glasses:


Evicted fruit plants from 5x5 . Will harvest autos here next week then flipping the big gelato 41 and the one next to it that looks like sh$t :joy:

I’ll have room to put these 2 squatters is the 7x12 room with the smaller plants and I might not even need to use the 12 bar light .

But have it if I need it .
Then not sure how the other room is going to go . Those 3 Bahamas berry and 3 lung buster are super vigorous and probably going to stretch like all hell . So may be taking a couple plants out and putting in 7x12 .also going to try and get a trellis in with the bigger gals . Will see . But for now it is what it is . Not even cleaning just eating and going to bed . :joy:


Awesome setup @Took1-4theteam
Got a good grow going on under those lights
Cheers :beers: :clap: :v:


Very nice results man🤙🏼


Thanks @Firstimer1299 and @Blackmoon dude that Cali grow was something else wasn’t it ?! I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to do it this year . Commited to an out of state job when I harvest this and probably won’t be back till near August or September. I do have a younger colleague that may water a couple when Im gone . But she is only a couple puff here n there from being a complete straight edge and doesn’t have a clue what she would be doing . So if anything I might leave a few behind that cool if they do something but not a big deal if they don’t . But if Im able to extend this lease one more year then it’s freaking on next year ! :joy: